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If you find the discipline of yoga a challenge, Asha understands completely! Her's was not an instant love affair when she began 15 years ago. Through sheer perseverance and determination, two of her best qualities, she found that she kept being drawn back to the practice and began noticing the incredible benefits that yoga brings, physically, mentally and spiritually. Last year she upgraded her love for yoga with the well-known Power Living and their awesome teaching program! She teachers Vinyasa yoga at both Fitness First and Power Living and now right here @theBarre. Asha's amazing flexibility comes from her school days. Growing up, she competed for about 15 years in calisthenics/gymnastics at State level!

Asha says; "I am incredibly passionate about yoga and hope to inspire my students to live their most desired life. I believe anyone can do yoga and with a discipline practice and you will start to notice the physical affects straight away, including balance, flexibility and strength. My classes are designed for all levels, though are challenging but light hearted, be prepared to sweat!"                              Back   


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