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It’s hard to believe that Carol Molloy of 'My Kitchen Rules' fame is a mum of two adult children! Not just an amazing cook, Carole is also a Fitness Expert enthusiastically now specializing in Barre classes. She has been a group fitness instructor for over five years working in the industries top fitness clubs teaching many programs such as BodyPump, running boot camps and teaching fitness training at some of Sydney’s top schools. She specializes in sculpting abdominal through strength and core work.

Carol took some time out from fitness last year to participate in the TV show 'My Kitchen Rules' and says: "I quickly returned as a trainer full time to lose my "MKR belly!"  We must ask what belly?

Having developed a deep appreciation for the precision and benefits of BarreAttack and CX Worx (the top core training programs in the country!) she discovered how it kept her in peak physical condition for her demanding lifestyle. She loves the upbeat energy and variety of these workouts incorporating different elements from her varied fitness background to give clients challenging, fun classes and can't wait to share those expertise with you                        Back

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