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@theBarre training workshops for Professionals Only


Attending Future Workshops:

  • Workshops are held four times a year and are designed to keep classes fresh and interesting with familiar original formats bringing a fresh approach and repertoire’ to challenge participants.

  • Online video's will be available 

  • New quarterly manual is given including new choreography for each workshop with pictures and instructions.

  • Brand new music playlists are suggested.

  • Each session includes updated education sessions helping you to enhance your teaching skills.

  • The workshops in Sydney are around 2 ½-3 hours long.

  • Above all, workshops are fun and a chance to work-out with other instructors swapping ideas and teaching styles to keep our classes fresh and exciting.

  • The suggested music lists can be acquired on Spotify and you can use that music list off line at a cost of $11 a month or choose the free option that needs you to be in a Wi-Fi area. You can alternatively download off iTunes or PPCA free may use Power Music or Click mix or another provider of your choice. How to do this will be demonstrated at the original training course.


Next Quarterly workshop Dates & Times:


October 2016- Sydney

@theBarre Lyrical:   Saturday 16th October Sunday 2:00 - 3:30PM.

@theBarre Amplify: Saturday 16th October Sunday 3:30 - 5:00PM.


January 2017- Sydney

@theBarre Lyrical:   Saturday 22nd January from 2:00 - 3:30PM.

@theBarre Amplify: Saturday 22nd January from 3:30 - 5:00PM.


Sydney Course Address:

Suite 5,716 New South Head Rd. Rose Bay, Sydney, NSW, 2019

We are next to bakers Delight and above Eco Downunder (Linen shop)


Sydney Parking:

There is a lot of parking available on the weekends. There are parking lots up Dover Rd. for your convenience. Please note signage and parking restrictions as the cops are vigilant.



One Program $49+GST Includes online training manual  (PDF)

Both Programs $80+GST Includes online training manuals (PDF)

Printed copies available at an added cost of $30 per manual 


Out of state workshop training is available via video and manuals


Class Practice Package Specials for Sydney Instructors only:

  • You are offered 2 free practice classes one for each course @theBarre Lyrical and @theBarre Amplify.

  • You also have the opportunity to purchase packages of 3 classes at studio half price $10 per class+GST for further practice if purchased on the day of the course. 


What to bring?:

Please bring a recording devise to video the classes as it is your visual reference and a learning tool. Ipads, video machines even Go- pro's will do the job!


Course Objectives and Criteria:
At the completion of this course Instructors will be able to:

  • Understand and confidently teach the format of the @theBarre Programs

  • Demonstrate the ability to correctly perform all the @theBarre exercises

  • Understand the purpose and benefit of each @theBarre exercise

  • Give options for different levels of @theBarre students within a class therefore addressing individual needs and levels of fitness

  • Makes sure the programs are delivered safely and effectively and you’re instructing to your full potential.

  • Understand advanced Pilates Principals

  • Learn new breathing techniques

  • Understand what it means to be centred and mindful

  • learn moving meditation techniques

  • upgrade qualifications




We work enthusiastically with Fitness Australia and each quarterly course will obtain 2-3 CEC's. You will receive CEC’s for all @theBarre courses.


To Register:


Click to download the registration form     HERE



To Pay:

Click the  OnlineBooking System                                            


Please note courses are unfortunately non refundable but due to unforeseen circumstances may be done at a later date. We look forward to seeing you at training.


For telephone enquiries click here


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