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Registered Fitness Expert Manny is a proud husband and father of two beautiful children. He also specializes in Pilates Certified level 1, level 2 and Advance Matt and teaches 'Power Pilates' @theBarre Studio. Manny is a well recognized expert having been in the fitness industry for the past 29 years with experience both nationally and internationally! His passion for tough strength work and long term expertise in this competitive industry, makes him one of the most accomplished presenter master trainers for Les Mills International and many other programs where he delivers technical and motivational classes to other fitness professionals to bring club members some of the best training Sydney has to offer. Manny is also a Body Pump expert and teaches at Fitness First and other top Sydney clubs. Manny's passion extends to all things relating to health and fitness and in 2010 his personal training concepts were published in a book called ‘The Complete Health Series’ along with other health experts. In this jam packed schedule he still finds time to act as an ambassador for Fitness Network NSW.

Manny is one of the toughest personal trainers in the business and can be booked for training sessions through the studio. Manny says: "My passion for fitness has never changed from the day I started to the present day. I love helping people strive for their fitness goals. I inspire, motivate, challenge and entertain." We @theBarre say you certainly do Manny!                Back

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