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Nathan is @theBarre's dance expert. His inspirational routines are legendary in the group fitness industry. He has an obvious passion for music and its creative effect on the body and mind and he expresses that in the way he moves. Fusing his exercise science and audio engineering backgrounds he delivers a unique dance class experience like no other. His speciality is street dance and body conditioning. Nathan says: ‘I strive to deliver a challenging but playful dance experience that leaves you with a greater knowledge and control of the body, mind and music.’


His classes are pure joy and laughter combining 'sing along' songs we love to hear and move to. After all that's what dance @theBarre is about...sheer enjoyment and never imagining you are having a workout, rather just a really good time!


Nathan holds a cert 3 and 4 in group fitness has worked for some of Sydney's top Fitness clubs such as Fitness First and is highly trained in many programs including 'Les Mills- Body Jam'


The very innovative Nathan also owns a creative health production business, Colourbeat, which he uses as a platform for building creative connections with others. Along with teaching dance this multitalented man also enjoys capturing the world through film and photography and creating his own music. Nathan can't wait to get you into shape and share some cool moves @theBarre                                                                                                                                                                              Back

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