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Private & Semi Private Sessions

@theBarre offers you Liza Kloeckners' (Principal) expertise for your individualized Pilate’s sessions. Created to fit in with your busy life and schedule. We offer you a personal hands on approach giving you individual attention, through one of our private or shared (2-5 people) Pilates sessions. Private Sessions are the perfect way to learn at your pace the basics of Pilates, obtaining correct safe skills, increasing your workouts to each level slowly and accurately. Every person’s body and spine is unique and moves differently. We learn through concentration and mindfulness about flexion, extension, rotation, breath etc. Learning these beautiful streamlined movements encourages your body to be flexible and strong, preventing injuries and assisting with recovery, rehabilitation and those pesky aches and pains. 



In a private session your instructor understands your individual needs creating movements that are and are not appropriate for you. In these sessions you will mainly focuses on increasing your core strength through your powerhouse and stabilizers i.e. tiny little muscles that support ligaments, tendons and joints to increase strength. When your core is strong your body is also better able to respond to any rehabilitation needs or injuries that need healing.  Each session is varied and challenging, with fun filled moves.


For best results, we recommend two or more sessions per week. Please call to book your perfect time slot first on the contact page thereafter you can easily manage your classes and payments using our  Online Booking System  and Time table



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