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Dance and moving to music has always been a way of life for Tatjana."I cannot imagine life without music, that gives rhythm to breath and emotion and to move with it." Introduced early in life to traditions of Russian dance and music, she was brought up admiring and looking up to the best dancers of her culture and the world such as Maya Plisetskaya, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Anna Pavlova, Rudolf Nureev and Alicia Markova. Ballet classes eventually led to passion for Ballroom dancing: fiery Tango, exuberant Samba and fun exuding Cha-chas, elegant Waltzes, romantic Rumba and playful Foxtrots. Through the Years of High School and University she competed and performed while also pursuing an academic career in languages, teaching, interpreting and international travel. Making Australia her new home led her to developing a Fitness career. She strives to share her love of dance and movement as a teacher inspiring participants to move their bodies in beautiful, harmonious ways bringing them health, and happiness. Tatyana teaches at some of Sydney's top gyms including SCG Fitness Stadium, Hiscoes, Willoughby Leisure Centre and Victoria Park Pool. Tatjana's passion for Zumba brings her to @theBarre and creates life reinforcing, energizing, exuberant experiences for every person in her class. She also loves teaching Body Balance she says: "It makes me very happy to see improvements in members, strength, flexibility and balance."
She is looking forward to instructing Barre Lyrical and Barre Intense  connecting the elements of music, dance, Yoga and Pilates into beautiful, inspiring workouts bringing participants back for more and more.                                                    Back
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