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                                   Liza Gishen-Kloeckner


In choosing a career 'You do what you are!' and I am movement to music- it nourishes my soul 

Liza Gishen-Kloeckner Principal teacher & founder of @theBarre is a mum of two beautiful adult children and married for 28 years. She comes from a 20 year professional dance career and brings her company experience, stage presence and technical strengths to every beautiful class as a performer, dance expert and choreographer. Offering a warm hearted, caring, holistic and loving approach to her teaching Liza incorporates her expertise as a practicing homoeopath, counsellor and meditation teacher to bring you emotional well- being and support.


Liza started her professional career first as a ballerina in 1982. She attended 'The Johannesburg School for Art, Ballet, Drama & Music' in South Africa. After school she travelled to the USA to join her first Ballet company the Austin Ballet Theatre in Texas. Thereafter dancing with the national company of Johannesburg. In time she became a soloist specializing in pas de deux and Adagio loving the grace 


and storytelling of partner work as she further branched into contemporary dance  and her love for modern/jazz/hip hop/street/funk dance took off as she also danced her way onto SABC and MNET television, film and theatre all for a long, wonderful 20 year professional career!  


Today Liza is a Fitness Expert specializing in Pilates and has trained with some of Australias leading experts Her two registered courses with Fitness Australia are unique, innovative and simply pre choreographed so qualified Instructors and members alike can learn with ease. Liza says "The programs are refreshed on the quarterly so classes are always a surprise, never monotonous and members don't lose motivation!"


Liza specializes in pain management and how to find the ability to move through disabilities. Throughout Liza's challenging career she has managed a serious autoimmune condition, namely Behcet's disease . Amongst its causations the condition results in inflammation and arthritis of the ligaments, joints and tissue, specifically the spine and knees and large joints of the body. At the time of diagnosis, even the slightest movements created enormous stress and pain and she was almost crippled. Doing Pilates everyday re discovering the benefits, which immediately assisted her painful, stiff joints.


"It’s natural that the brilliance of Pilates and Yoga would entice me later on and now I share that experience with you. Barre, Pilates and Yoga have been my saviour, restoring my health, strength and mobility and allowing me to continue moving in ways I adore. I have had a love affair with movement my whole life that feeds my energy and soul!"            

 "If you aren't having fun exercising what's the point? Join me as we turn exercise in wellness and fun!"      


'Enjoy watching some You Tubes of my past television career in dance

1           2. 


 'Enjoy watching some You Tubes of my past television career backing vocals/singing specials with SABC Television South Africa and Producer Dave Vermeulens wonderful library of past shows. I'm the one with the big hair!!!     


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Principal Teacher & Founder of  @theBarre

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