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Pilates is a system of stretching and strengthening exercises that has provided positive results for over seven decades. It was developed by German-born Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, who named it "Contrology"opening his first studio in New York in the 1920s. His ideas about the body and the way it moves came from various influences i.e. martial arts, yoga, physical culture, boxing, gymnastics and dance. He had a brilliant understanding of anatomy, and ahead of his time his methods included living a healthy lifestyle, something we take for granted today with our knowledge good food and exercise.


Today many methods exist having been passed down from his original students and teachers. Modern sciences have influenced such methodologies, making today's practice safer, more effective and applicable to today's needs, such as 'computer posture' and health issues related to inactivity. Most importantly Pilates strengthens and tones all muscles, improves posture, increases flexibility and balance. It creates a more streamlined shape, connects the body and mind. Anyone can exercise this way regardless of age or fitness level. 


Every individual receives a program within the system of exercises that is tailored to his or her needs and fitness level. I teach one on one or in small groups and in larger groups at many fitness clubs listed on the links below


The 9 Pilates Principles 


Joseph Pilates’ method included 6 principles. Due to our greater expertise in anatomy and physiology in the last 80 years since its conception, the list of Principles has been modified. 


  • Concentration: Exercises are performed with focus. Concentration is key!  It is your mind that connects to your body and moves it into action.  

  • Control:  Pilates exercise is done with complete muscular control. Each body part is individually and deliberately set in motion through a mind body connection. Exercise with awareness prevents injury.

  • Centering: All work is controlled through your centre, a “powerhouse”area between the lower ribs and pubic bone.  

  • Breathing:  oxygenates your blood, increases you circulation and flexibility and brings a sense of ease to your movement. 

  • Precision: Every exercise has a purpose, we focus on being precise and perfecting each move. Quality is emphasized over quantity 

  • Flow: Fluidity, grace, and ease sets this form of exercise apart. Seamless transitions thread the exercises together

  • Alignment & Posture: From head to toes, the placement of all parts of your body align to ensure correct technique.

  • Intensity: Teaching you new and complex movements and how exercises flows will challenge your strength and fitness 

  • Integration: We integrate this principle into everyday life. You'll notice that you walk with more ease and grace                                                                                                                                      Back



What is Pilates? 

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