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In choosing a barre program you should pick the program that suits your body best.



Diversity is the key to keeping fit and strong so we offer many choices @theBarre


These beautiful programs fuse Pilates, Fitness Training, Yoga, Ballet and Various Dance forms together in a total barre class. Using the Ballet Barre, Resistance Bands, small balls, weights, gliding discs and Yoga blocks we integrate the fundamentals of Pilates, a strong core workout, functional low impact gym exercises and dance for a complete all round fun filled workout. We will also teach you to avoid injury as our belief is prevention is better than cure!


New teaching trends come onto the market all the time and this timeless way of exercising will bring you desired changes of body, mind and spirit. Offering variety in our classes is the key. Each class is structured with its own unique combination of exercises, integrated with the latest trends in music, fun golden oldies and innovative workouts to challenge our participants and offer choices in what barre workouts suite their individual needs and bodies.


We are committed to assisting and inspiring you along your new fitness journey. We love to evaluate your goals and discuss ways to implement them, encouraging you all the way to reach your personal goals and success.  



@theBarre Amplify is a strong challenging low impact, high intensity cardio and strength workout to fun popular music using balls, weights, stretch bands and gliding discs as an added extra! Most important is the fun element! The music is great! You will learn expert technique to avoid injury, gain stamina and focus on endurance. This timeless way of exercising will bring new vigour and energy, through imaginative workouts. This program will bring you definite body changes and desired results!

  What are gliding discs?                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Gliding discs are designed to slide smoothly on carpet or hardwood floors

  • Allows you to do smooth, graceful movements that firm and tone your muscles

  • Great for adding a new component to your upper and lower body exercises


Benefits include:

  • Cardio vascular endurance

  • Strengthening and lengthening of muscles using full range of motion

  • Concentric movement

  • Eccentric movement


The gliders target:

  • Lower body

  • Glutes

  • Hamstrings

  • Quadriceps

  • Inner thigh

  • Outer thigh

  • Upper body endurance using biceps, triceps, pectoralis major and minor

  • Backs, Lats, scaps, traps!



@theBarre lyrical is done to romantic music and is a graceful, flowing, dynamic combinations enhancing flexibility, improving balance, reinforcing the core to re-shape your body. But don't be fooled! When slower movements are applied it intensifies the workout, targeting the fascia and increasing strength in all areas of the body! Using yoga blocks, stretch bands and small balls you will be surprised at the intensity of this workout. You will learn and experience how we integrate Pilates fundamentals, Yoga stretch techniques, Gym workouts, Ballet and Dance techniques to gain stability, balance, endurance and tone. Offering variety in classes is a key to its success. This will change the shape of your body!


Benefits include:

  • Breathing techniques to strengthen the intercostal muscles

  • Strengthening and lengthening of muscles using full range of motion

  • Concentric movement

  • Eccentric movement

  • stretch and tone


The balls and bands target:

  • Hip placement and strength

  • Glutes

  • Hamstrings

  • Quadriceps

  • adductors

  • abductors and I.T. Bands

  • Upper body stretch and strength using biceps, triceps, chest

  • Shoulder strength, injury prevention, healing and stability

  • Backs and spinal lengthening, strengthening and blood flow


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